Your Unique Path to Purpose

Living our life with meaning and purpose is essential for our fulfillment. This is what we might call “a life well lived”.

When you were little, what did you love to do? What did you enjoy and excel at, in or out of school? What is important to you? What are your highest values?

Answers to questions like these hold the key to our purpose.

Without a sense of purpose, we feel adrift in our lives. We let life “happen” to us. The days and weeks go by and we don’t know where they’ve gone, what we’ve done, or how we’ve contributed.

And that’s not a very happy or satisfying way to live!

Feeling fulfilled doesn’t just happen. Without focus, intention, commitment, and yes, hard work, we achieve very little that has meaning.

Think about anything that you truly value in your life, perhaps getting an education, raising children, or building something that is useful. None of these came about magically, did they? It is only when we devote our time, energy, money, and labor of love to an endeavor that we grow, learn, connect, and contribute.

In this inspirational talk and/or workshop, the audience will learn to

  • Identify what is truly important to them
  • Focus on what they most want to create, manifest, and contribute in their lifetime
  • Stop wasting their time on meaningless activities
  • Identify limiting beliefs that keep them feeling stuck and hopeless
  • Take action steps to move forward

Regardless of our past successes or failures, personal triumphs or tragedies, we can all live lives of purpose and fulfillment.

This presentation can tailored-made for your event, whether your organization wants a shorter noontime talk, a keynote presentation of up to 60 minutes, or a more interactive, experiential half day, full day, or multiple day workshop, off-site meeting, or retreat.

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