Do you feel like you navigate through life with confidence, or do you often feel caught up in other people’s agendas and expectations?

Are you on the path to your own purpose, or do you feel like you’re striving to fulfill others’ expectations of you?

Do you have a clear vision for how you want to live in 2020, or have you started to lose sight of your intentions?

We’re nearly a month into 2020. The time goes by so fast!

You might have set some New Year’s goals, resolutions, or intentions, but by now, some of the New Year’s hype is starting to die down. Many of us might have forgotten the resolutions or intentions we set for 2020, which can leave us feeling directionless and wondering what our purpose really is.


Discover Your Path to Meaning and Fulfillment

Living our life with meaning and purpose is essential for our fulfillment. This is what we might call “a life well lived”.

But fulfillment doesn’t just happen. Without focus, intention, commitment, and yes, work, we achieve very little that has meaning.

That’s why I’m excited to announce my upcoming workshop, Discover Your Unique Path to Purpose in 2020, which I’ll be leading on February 23rd in Albany, New York.

In this interactive, half-day workshop, I’ll guide you to connect with what truly matters to you.

You’ll find out what you want to contribute and manifest in your life and uncover the path to get there instead of wasting time on things you don’t actually care about.

I’ll teach you all of my favorite conscious living tools to help you stay on track and avoid spending the majority of your time on your “to-do” list, or meaningless activities.

You’ll leave with a renewed sense of focus and clarity on what’s really important to you!

The best part is, you’ll be learning right alongside a community on a similar journey of living consciously. I find that this community is the most valuable part of live workshops. I’ve seen students create bonds and friendships that last years after the workshop is over!


Join me for this life-changing workshop!

This event is a favorite of my long-time students, and I love watching attendees transform in just a few hours.

This half-day workshop will take place in Albany on February 23rd. If you register before February 21st, you’ll also get an early bird discount!

This is your chance to design the life you’ve always wanted to live and make a plan to manifest it!

Register today!

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