The Lost Art of Listening - The Art of Living Consciously


When was the last time that you truly listened to someone, and completely focused on what that person was saying? If you are like most people, you listen with one ear. Perhaps you look at your phone, or drift off and think about your to-do list, work, the kids, sex, what you want for dinner, or a host of other topics.

The most common distraction from fully listening is focusing on what you want to say when the other person stops talking.

Have you had the experience of having someone’s undivided attention when you were talking? Pretty powerful, isn’t it? How would your relationships change if you made an effort to truly listen?

If you want more harmonious, understanding, and loving relationships, try it! Make eye contact, leave the distractions behind, and listen with both ears. You’ll be amazed how this simple practice will impact your relationships.