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The Art of Conscious Living Weekend Retreat

The Art of Conscious Living Weekend Retreat

I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming Columbus Day weekend retreat hosted at the beautiful Wiawaka Holiday House, a historical retreat center on the shores of Lake George in upstate New York. Depending on Mother Nature, we might be there in time to see the stunning fall foliage surrounding this lake in the Southern Adirondack Mountains!

What is the Art of Conscious Living Weekend Retreat?

Conscious living is the heart and soul of what I teach. When we live consciously, we open ourselves up to transformation. Our relationships improve. We feel more peace and fulfillment in our everyday lives. Making decisions becomes easier and more joyful when we are living in the moment.

During this four day weekend retreat, we’ll be exploring the Art of Conscious Living in depth.

We’ll practice techniques such as self-inquiry, meditation, guided visualization, gratitude and mindfulness practices, and heart-centered sharing to help you uncover your internal blocks and live a more inspired life.

Is the Art of Conscious Living Weekend Retreat for you?

  • You might be experiencing a challenging transition right now or just looking for more fulfillment in your life.
  • Maybe you just want to learn to live “on purpose,” instead of feeling like your life is just happening to you.
  • Maybe you’re starting to notice the passage of time and want to live in the moment rather than the past or future.
  • You might be looking for more depth and authenticity in your life.

Chances are that if you are ready to become more conscious, you’re aware of it. It’s also okay if you’re a bit nervous about jumping in.  I’m pretty sure 100% of attendees of my past retreats were hesitant about conscious living, but then tried it, loved it, and wished that they hadn’t waited so long!

While we do some deep work, it’s also a lot of fun! A lot of my participants from have told me “I had no idea I could grow so much and laugh so much at the same time!”

I think that statement describes this work perfectly. The transformational process is profound and entails work and laughter, fun, and deep connection with others and ourselves.

What will you get out of the retreat?

By doing this work, you’ll feel more deeply fulfilled and connected in your relationships. (This is often the biggest shift my clients report).

You’ll learn to find joy, peace, and fulfillment, no matter what is going on around you.

You’ll learn to let go of the past and resentments, which can greatly improve your relationships with other people and with yourself in the present.

You’ll learn to create happiness in your life rather than just waiting for it to show up on its own. After all, if you’re waiting for happiness and fulfillment to come to you by itself, you’ll be waiting a very, very long time!

You’ll experience an intense feeling of connection with others, which is one of our deepest human needs and lies at the root of many human behaviors.

One of the best parts about this work is that it benefits everyone around you, not only by helping you to become happier and more fulfilled (this alone has wonderful side effects for your loved ones), but participants tend to naturally teach the concepts and principles they’ve learned to their loved ones once they’ve seen the changes in themselves.

Participants also become a part of the Art of Conscious Living Community. This community is solely for those who have already attended the Art of Conscious Living Retreat. We meet regularly at fun and inspiring events where members can come together and connect, and continue to learn together.

Art of Conscious Living Retreat

 What to expect during the retreat:

This is an immersive experience, so come ready to dive in!

The schedule is as follows: 

  • Friday, Oct 5: Start at 6:00 pm to approximately 9:00 pm
  • Saturday Oct 6: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday, Oct 7: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Monday, Oct 8: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

(Because this is an immersive retreat, participants are expected to attend all sessions. Each day is designed to provide a balance between group time, and personal time for reflection. As such, there is no predetermined schedule since I let the days unfold organically.

We will prepare and clean up breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, depending on the day’s schedule. We’ll have light fare on Friday, all meals on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast and lunch on Monday.

Although the Wiawaka Holiday House typically hosts women’s retreats, men are more than welcome at this event, as we will have the campus to ourselves.

This is so much more than a personal development workshop. This experience is transformational on a  profound spiritual level. When you change your paradigm in such a deep way, your thoughts change. Your behaviors change. Your life changes.

I’d absolutely love to connect with you at this wonderful event. Join us, register here!