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How to Create a Conscious 2020

Annual Reflection Workshop

  2019 is drawing to a close and the beginning of 2020 is just around the corner. Around this time of year, many of us start thinking about the new year and what we’d like to do differently. For a lot of us, this looks like losing weight, making (or saving) more money, keeping our…

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The One Skill That Can Improve All Relationships

The Art Of Conscious Communication

  Communication is one of the most important skills we can learn. It affects our relationships, our careers, and just about every area of our lives where we want to understand and be understood by another person. However, most of us never learned how to communicate effectively. It’s not a core subject at school. Our…

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6 Powerful Reasons to Go on Retreat

6 Powerful Reasons to Go on Retreat – The Art of Living Consciously

  When was the last time you took a retreat? I don’t mean a vacation or a day off. I mean an actual retreat where you focus on your personal growth and spirituality. No idea what I’m talking about? We get so distracted with daily living; kids, jobs, a broken dishwasher, remembering to send birthday…

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