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The Basics: What is Consciousness?

  If we want to live a more mindful, peaceful, and joyful life, it’s important to first learn what we’re aiming for. I call this way of thinking and living “consciousness.” When we first embark on this path, it’s useful to learn what consciousness actually IS and what it looks like in our lives when…

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6 Powerful Reasons to Go on Retreat

6 Powerful Reasons to Go on Retreat – The Art of Living Consciously

  When was the last time you took a retreat? I don’t mean a vacation or a day off. I mean an actual retreat where you focus on your personal growth and spirituality. No idea what I’m talking about? We get so distracted with daily living; kids, jobs, a broken dishwasher, remembering to send birthday…

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The Art of Living Consciously Retreat

An unexamined life

Deeply transformative, and incredibly rewarding” – past retreat participant Do you want to live a life of passion and purpose? One where you move beyond negative thinking and self-defeating patterns to live consciously and intentionally? In this experiential four-day retreat in a small group, guided by transformational coach Louise Finlayson, you will unplug, look within,…

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