What Does It Mean To Accept Yourself - The Art of Living Consciously

  You’ve probably heard from self-help gurus and social media influencers to “accept yourself,” but when you really think about it, you might realize you don’t even know what that means. Let’s take a closer look at that.   The illusion of perfectionism Most of us think that we will accept ourselves once we achieve…

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Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, Try This - The Art Of Living Consciously

  2019 is drawing to a close. The new year is on the horizon, and many of us are thinking about what we want to do in 2020. We might think about losing weight, earning more money, saving more money, keeping our homes cleaner, climbing the ladder at work, or any other number of things.…

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The 5 Principles of Conscious Living - The Art of Living Consciously

Conscious living isn’t the easiest path. It is simply the path that leads to happiness, meaning, and fulfillment.

Though this path is simple in many ways, it can also take some time to master.

If you’re looking for a way to dip your toes into this way of living but feel overwhelmed, good news! I’ve distilled conscious living down into five principles that cover the basics of this path. 

Of course, these principles aren’t the whole path, but they are enough to get you started so you can start living a life of peace, meaning, and fulfillment.

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