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Is this your summer of growth? Join me for a workshop or retreat!

Is this your summer of growth? Join me for a workshop or retreat!


I’m so excited to lead several retreats and workshops this summer at the Wiawaka Holiday House on beautiful Lake George in New York!

Workshops and retreats are powerful vehicles for personal growth. Many people find a lot of value in learning within a community of like-minded people.

If you want to take a leap in your own personal growth, I hope you’ll join us this summer for a half-day or full-day workshop or even a retreat!

Here’s a look at my calendar:


Your Next Best Step: A Group Coaching Experience

When: July 16th, 2019 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Fee: $50 ($38 for Wiawaka overnight guests or platinum pass holders)

Are you ready to get clarity about a challenge in your life, figure out what your next step is, or just get unstuck? Join us for this two-hour small group coaching session!

I will coach each person in the group on whatever topic they want for about 15-20 minutes. In the coaching session, we’ll identify what your next best step might be. Not only will you experience growth from your own coaching, but you’ll benefit from witnessing others being coached.

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The Art of Living Consciously Retreat

When: July 18th, 2019, 8:00 am – July 21st, 2019, 5:00 pm

Fee: $850

This dynamic, life-changing, experiential four-day retreat is an opportunity to unplug, look within, and discover your most authentic self.

You’ll learn timeless spiritual/philosophical principles and translate them into clear, usable concepts and skills for effective change. This retreat is best suited for those seeking to challenge themselves and who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone.

Yes, there will be meditation, journaling, mindfulness exercises, role-playing exercises, communication exercises… but these don’t adequately describe the powerful impact of this retreat.

This is more than a personal development retreat. It’s an opportunity to undergo a paradigm shift that opens us up to true transformation based on Universal Spiritual principles. When our thoughts change, our perceptions change, our behaviors change, our relationships change, and inevitably our lives change.

Learn more and register here


Your Unique Path to Purpose!

When: July 23rd, 2019 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Fee: $100 ($75 for Wiawaka overnight guests or platinum pass holders)

Living our life with meaning and purpose is essential to our fulfillment. This is what we might call a “life well-lived.” Feeling fulfilled doesn’t just happen. Without focus, intention, commitment, and yes, work, we achieve very little that has meaning.

In this workshop, you will identify what is truly important to you, focus on what you most want to create, manifest, and contribute in your lifetime, and learn to stop wasting time on meaningless activities.

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Take Ownership of Your Life

When: August 6th, 2019 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Price: $100 ($75 for Wiawaka overnight guests or platinum pass holders)

Do you feel like life is happening TO you? Do you feel like a victim?

In this workshop, we will look at places and ways in which we give our power away or feel like we don’t have choices. Then, you’ll identify stories that are no longer serving you and rewrite them from a fresher, more empowered perspective.

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Women’s Empowerment Retreat

When: August 7th and 8th, 2019

Fee: $197

As girls, we were taught and encouraged to please others, seek approval, and be “likable”, even when it was detrimental to us. But as it turns out, empowerment is an inside job because our power lies within us. It is available to us if we just know how to tap into it.

In this experiential two day retreat, you will learn to set healthy boundaries, communicate in an empowered way, and to recognize and overcome internal barriers to becoming the empowered woman that you long to be.

Learning that we don’t have to rely on anything or anyone else to empower ourselves is a life-altering revelation. Challenging our deep-seated beliefs about empowerment helps us take the courageous steps of taking up space, stepping into our power, and using our voices.

Learn more and register here


Become a Better Communicator

When: August 13th, 2019 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Fee: $100 ($75 for Wiawaka overnight guests or platinum pass holders)

Communication might be the single most important skill we can develop to improve our relationships.

This full-day, fun, interactive workshop will help you move from being an “unconscious communicator” to a “conscious communicator.” These new skills and perspectives will be invaluable in your relationships at work and at home!

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Be Here Now: Mindfulness for Everyday Living

August 15th, 2019 from 9:00 am-11:30 am

Fee: $50 ($38 for Wiawaka overnight guests or platinum pass holders)

Is your mind going a mile a minute? Do you look up and don’t know where your day went?

Mindfulness is a proven strategy for reducing anxiety and stress. Based on ancient Eastern practices, you’ll learn to slow down, calm down, and be present in your life.

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Happiness Isn’t an Accident

When: August 20th, 2019 from 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Fee: $50 ($38 for Wiawaka overnight guests or platinum pass holders)

Happiness, positive mood, and optimism are important to our sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. Research shows that there are very specific steps we can take to increase happiness in our life. In this workshop, we’ll look at ways to integrate those happiness principles into our lives and eliminate behaviors or activities that are leading to unhappiness.

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If one of these events resonates with you, I highly encourage you to register! Retreats and workshops are wonderful for rejuvenating, reenergizing, and spurring growth in the direction of the life you want to live.

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