Some Thoughts on Spontaneity - The Art of Living Consciously


Spontaneity tends to get a bad rap.

Spontaneous behavior can be seen as being flaky, irresponsible, or immature.

On the other hand, staying in our comfort zone leads to monotony and staleness.

We may believe that we are happy in our comfort zone, but on closer examination, we are more likely to feel the absence of anxiety. Routine is a way for us to believe we have everything under control in this unpredictable world.

Happiness is not about the absence of anxiety, but about successfully navigating through life’s challenges, stretching our boundaries, and facing our fears. Think about peak experiences. How many people would describe their daily routine as a peak experience?  No one!!  Climbing a mountain, white water rafting, successfully giving a big speech, mastering a skill is the stuff that leads to peak experiences.

This is not to say that routine is to be avoided, but instead that a healthy dose of spontaneity keeps us growing, feeling alive, and living a dynamic life. So, go ahead, make a leap, take a chance, do something that feels uncomfortable in the name of growth!

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  1. Lina on February 12, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    My dear Louise,

    I loved your blog. I totally agree with you. when i left my box of comfort i really found my way to feel and be happy with every new change in my life. I feel empowered every day to overcome the challenges that life presents me, and i live my life enjoying the present but with the clear intention that i am walking in the direction of my dreams. Living every day open to what life is about to present😊😊

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