Intro To The Art Of Living Consciously


Are open to experiencing the power of spiritual transformation?

If the answer is “yes”, chances are that the old ways aren’t working for you anymore. Perhaps things are getting stale or you’re experiencing a feeling of disengagement in your life, or you hunger for more fulfillment and purpose.

On October 6th, I’ll be leading a workshop on An Introduction to the Art of Living Consciously in Albany, New York, where I will show you the tools for transformation.


How This Workshop Can Change Your Life

Conscious living is the key to empowerment, purpose, passion, freedom, communication, and fulfillment. When we embrace our freedom, we understand that we always have choice. We acknowledge the ever-flowing abundance and express our gratitude.

Relationships improve, decision making gets easier, and life becomes more joyous when we reunite with our most authentic selves.

Living consciously touches every single part of our lives.


In this life-changing workshop, you will learn the benefits of Living Consciously which include:

  • The secret to creating true happiness.
  • The joy, peace, and fulfillment available in each moment, no matter what’s going on around us.
  • How to be present and mindful in the moment
  • Embrace the abundance that surrounds us
  • The keys to beingtruly loving and kind to ourselves and others
  • What blocks us from forming fulfilling relationships and what we can do to change that. (My clients frequently express their appreciation for the positive changes they have made in their personal and work relationships due to the consciousness work we’ve done!)
  • How to make friends with our emotions
  • Ways to release regrets, resentments, and grudges
  • The importance of lightening up and not taking ourselves so seriously
  • Living life on purpose!


If you’re committed to spiritual growth and want to create permanent, lasting transformation, this program will deliver.

This is more than a personal development workshop.

It’s an opportunity to undergo a paradigm shift that opens us up to true transformation based on Universal Spiritual principles.

When our thoughts change, our perceptions change, our behaviors change, our relationships change, and inevitably our lives change.

Past retreat participants from have told me “I had no idea that I could grow so much and laugh so much at the same time!”


Feeling nervous about jumping in?

I’m pretty sure 100% of attendees of my past retreats were anxious about enrolling in such a deep-dive experience, but then took the leap, loved it, and wished they hadn’t waited so long!

Are you ready?

Register here.

I’ll see you there!

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