I love attending and leading retreats. By leaving our day-to-day routines and stepping into the unknown, we invite the opportunity for growth and transformation.

I lead many shorter retreats and workshops every year and my students report that they find them tremendously valuable.

However, I find that longer retreats in an exotic location provide an ideal setting for deeper and more accelerated growth. Participants tend to make deeper connections with themselves, each other, and the environment around them.

That’s why I’ve designed and organized a 7-day retreat on the tropical island of Roatan, which will be taking place in March 2020!


Why a longer, exotic retreat lends itself to transformation

More investment, more commitment

This longer, immersive retreat in an exotic, tropical location requires a substantial investment of time, money, and life energy.

The very act of committing at this level contributes to the power of the experience because we’re all in. We’ve got skin in the game, so we are more likely to fully show up for the retreat and get the return on our investment!

We give ourselves permission to open up when we enter the unknown

When we leave our routine and enter an exotic environment, we tend to open up. So much is new. You’re no longer engaging in your daily patterns. You no longer assume you’re in control or that you’re in charge of how everything works.

When in a foreign environment, we’re more likely to let go of the “I know mind” and replace it with “beginner’s mind” which is an excellent place from which to learn!

Travel lends itself to growth

When we get out of our normal environment and experience a new culture, we are exposed to a different way of doing things.

What one culture treasures and accepts, another might consider trivial or taboo. Because of this, we may rethink our accepted beliefs and assumptions about what is “normal”.

When we choose to adventure, we’re doing something that feels a little risky and outside of our comfort zone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an adventure!

It is the very act of doing something risky that helps us see that we don’t need as much control and predictability as we thought.

Won’t you join me in Roatan?

So why Roatan, you might ask?

I went to Roatan on vacation and visited a beautiful eco-lodge and yoga retreat, Upachaya, and immediately fell in love. It’s a beautiful, magical place and knew it would be the perfect setting for retreats.

I said to my companion, “I’m going to hold a retreat here.” And the very next year, I did.

There is also an energy vortex on this lush property. Energy vortexes are energetic centers that are thought to be more connected to spirit. All over the world, there are different energy vortexes where indigenous cultures have set up sacred spots to worship. Native Americans often put their sacred sites on energy vortexes.

Another thing that I loved about Upachaya is that almost all the staff except the owner are local people. It’s not a big commercial place in the busy, touristy area, but more off the beaten track in an enclave of its own.

The staff feels like a family. Meals are prepared by a woman named Rosario who prepares the food with love. Rosario has an inspirational life story filled with hardship and triumph. Her niece also works on the property and helps cook and clean.

Victor is the groundskeeper and his children scamper around, helping him and playing on the property.

There’s a loving, beautiful feeling to the entire place that feels like a home!

Growth and Adventure

I’ve planned this retreat to balance consciousness work and growth with adventure because that’s a powerful combination!

We will learn together and use my favorite tools like journaling, meditation, sharing, and visualization to transform our thinking and therefore our lives, and we’ll have some local adventures as well.

We’ll go snorkeling, enjoy a sunset cruise, and a beach day. We’ll nourish our bodies as well with daily yoga and wonderful food.

Physically and spiritually, we’ll step out of our known boxes and stretch our boundaries!


The retreat will take place from March 6th-13th, 2020. You also have the option of participating in a 3-day add-on package to do a day of community service, an island tour, and a medicinal herbal tour.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime retreat, and I’m so excited to offer the opportunity for incredible growth.

I hope to see you there!

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