You’ve attended workshops.

You’ve read every self-help book under the sun.

And now you’re ready to REALLY change your life.

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You’ve been on the journey of growth for years, but your progress has stalled. Maybe you just can’t shed those old patterns or you still trip over the same old roadblocks.

You’re tired of hearing the same advice over and over again.

You’ve been working for years to become more mindful, improve your relationships, find your purpose, and feel fulfilled in your life. You’ve learned a lot, but it’s not enough. There’s still something missing, but you aren’t sure what.

What you really need is someone to show you the way. You need a guide to help you live YOUR unique life.

Books and webinars are great, but you can’t always ask them questions. They aren’t tailored to your situation.


Direct coaching is by far the fastest and most powerful way to change your life!


Group coaching is the most powerful way to learn the art of conscious living because not only do you received tailored coaching for your own life, but you benefit from the learning and support of others.

Not only will you receive coaching for your own questions, but you’ll also witness coaching of others and learn more from them than you ever thought possible!

Here’s how it works:

No two individuals or groups are the same, so this program will be tailored to the needs of the group.

Your group will consist of 4-6 people, and we will meet twice a month for three months. On each call, you’ll get a chance to share what’s going on with you and receive direct coaching while being witnessed by the rest of the group.

Not only do you receive targeted, powerful coaching, you’ll also get a community who understands the journey you’re on because they’re on it too!

The sessions are POWERFUL. When there’s a group, the growth and learning is multiplied! You can learn from each other and they can learn from you.

I once had a student who changed her whole life with ONE 20-minute coaching session. With the tools she learned in just twenty minutes, she learned to say no, which improved her relationship and therefore her entire life!

This work will change your life like nothing has before.

This is more than just learning mindfulness or communication skills. This is changing how you see and live in the world. This is changing how you think.

Right away, you’ll notice the changes:


  • You will see the world differently. The things that used to annoy and stress you out won’t be an issue anymore.
  • The things that used to hurt your feelings will just be neutral information.
  • You’ll learn to speak your mind directly without being harsh.
  • Your “toxic” relationships won’t feel so toxic anymore.
  • Making decisions won’t feel so difficult or scary.
  • You’ll find yourself enjoying your life so much more, appreciating your loved ones, enjoying the little things you were too busy to notice before.
  • You’ll form deep bonds and make friends for life who understand the art of conscious living!


The art of conscious living is not for the faint of heart, but you are ready. You are committed to changing your life from the inside out.

  • You’re ready to connect with your purpose.
  • You’re ready to improve your communication skills and heal your relationships.
  • You’re hungry for deep, lasting fulfillment you haven’t found anywhere else, because you know that fulfillment comes from within.

And you’re ready to learn how.

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