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Get in a state of Blue Mind this summer

women's retreat


It’s summer!!  Time to head to the water.  You probably know intuitively what scientific studies have verified:  we get psychological benefits from spending time next to, in, or on the water.  There is even a term for it – Blue Mind is the mildly meditative, relaxed state we experience around a natural body of water.  That is the reason why I look for locations that are on the water when I plan a retreat.  I am excited to offer two different retreats on the shores of beautiful Lake George at the historic Wiawaka Women’s Retreat Center this summer, where there are ample opportunities to be near, on, or in the water.  (See Events for further details).  So if you are planning a vacation, going on a retreat, or taking a day for rest and relaxation, consider giving yourself the gift of Blue Mind and head for a natural body of water.