Does your mind affect your health? - The Art of Living Consciously


How much does your mind affect your health? A lot!! Your minds and your bodies have natural healing abilities. Your thoughts, your feelings, and the way you use your mind, if properly focused, can be a powerful ally in the healing process. Similarly, when misused, the mind can hinder healing or actually cause poor health. Unfortunately, many people unconsciously use their minds in ways that negatively affects their health. For example, focusing on worry, fear, anger, resentment, or other negative emotions contributes to all sorts of needless suffering.

The mind’s healing powers are a mystery to most people. We are not taught how to channel the mind’s energy towards healing and health. Here’s the good news. There are powerful, practical strategies that anyone can learn to alleviate pain, and suffering. Whether your challenges are physical, emotional, or spiritual you can learn to use your mind for health and happiness.