How to Look Forward to a Mindful Holiday Season - The Art of Living Consciously

  The holiday season is upon us! For many of us, we approach the holidays with dread and consider it a time full of expectations, extra work, triggers, and conflict. How can we actually ENJOY the holidays instead of wishing they’d be over? The answer is consciousness. Most of us don’t put much thought into…

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How Minding Your Own Business Helps You Grow - The Art of Living Consciously

  One of the first concepts I teach students in my retreats and workshops is the importance of minding your own business. At first, “mind your own business” might sound harsh, but in this case, it is actually a gentle reminder to stay in your own lane, so to speak. What Minding Your Own Business…

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The First Step to Living Consciously: Mindfulness - The Art of Living Consciously

  We hear about mindfulness a lot, but with so many things competing for our attention, we struggle to maintain it. The fact is that few of us practice it regularly.   Mindfulness is about being in the moment, and it’s one of the most basic spiritual skills to practice.   Mindfulness is a shift from being…

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How to Make Decisions for a More Satisfying Life - The Art of Living Consciously

Every day we are faced with countless choices. Minute by minute we make decisions, some big some small. Many decisions seem insignificant, like what to wear, what to have for breakfast, or what time to go to bed. We may not recognize those little things as decisions. But they are decisions, nonetheless.

In order to cope with the sheer volume of decisions we face daily, we go on autopilot. This autopilot is neither “good” nor “bad”. The decisions we make while on autopilot can take us closer to or further away from the kind of life we want to live.

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An opportunity to step away - The Art of Living Consciously

  The Art of Conscious Living Retreat is an opportunity to step away from the business of our everyday life so we can go deep within.  After reflection and healing, we emerge ready to return to our lives feeling awake and energized. We tend to get caught up with the demands of everyday life only…

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The 5 Principles of Conscious Living - The Art of Living Consciously

Conscious living isn’t the easiest path. It is simply the path that leads to happiness, meaning, and fulfillment.

Though this path is simple in many ways, it can also take some time to master.

If you’re looking for a way to dip your toes into this way of living but feel overwhelmed, good news! I’ve distilled conscious living down into five principles that cover the basics of this path. 

Of course, these principles aren’t the whole path, but they are enough to get you started so you can start living a life of peace, meaning, and fulfillment.

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