Create a Plan for Well-Being in Challenging Times

Create a Plan for Well-Being in Challenging Times - The Art of Living Consciously - Blog Square Images

  Now that it’s fall, many of us are heading back inside with colder weather. The daylight is fading and the darkness is descending. The global pandemic that has dramatically impacted our world and daily lives is still with us. On top of that, we are facing upheaval in many spheres—climate change, civil unrest, political…

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Seek Help in Your Relationship

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Seek Help in Your Relationship - The Art of Living Consciously - Blog Square Image

  Relationships are our greatest teachers…and our greatest challenges. Ideally, our intimate relationship enhances our lives. There’s no other place in our life where we can get more fulfillment and a deeper sense of connection than in our intimate relationships because those relationships are such a big part of our lives. Creating a life together…

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How Positive Thinking Affects Your Health

How Positive Thinking Affects Your Health - The Art of Living Consciously - Blog Square Image

  How much does positive thinking affect your health? A lot!! Your mind and body have natural healing abilities. Your thoughts, your feelings, and the way you use your mind, if properly focused, can be a powerful ally in the healing process. Similarly, when misused, the mind can hinder healing or actually cause poor health.…

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Reconnect with Your True Self

Reconnect with Your True Self - The Art of Living Consciously - Blog Square Images

  When I was a girl, my mother would sometimes reprimand me by saying “Who do you think you are?” As I reflect back on this question, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t asking me a philosophical question. I see that my mother was trying to teach me humility and essentially saying, “don’t get too big…

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Tuning Into Your Inner Guidance

How to regain your self-trust - The Art of Living Consciously - The Art of Conscious Living

  When recently kayaking with friends, I noticed a family of water birds swimming nearby. “Oh look, a grebe and her chicks!” I said to my friends. And someone responded, “That’s not a grebe, that’s a wood duck!” And the others agreed with her. I said, “No, I’m pretty sure they’re grebes.” And once again,…

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Are Consciousness Circles the next step in your transformational journey?

  If you have spent many years reading books on spirituality and attending short workshops, you’ve probably come a long way in your journey with conscious living. But at some point along the way, many of us hit a wall. We may feel like our progress has stalled and that we can’t move past where…

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Healing Racism With Consciousness

I debated whether to post about this topic.  In light of recent events (and events that have been going on for years and years), I want to present consciousness as part of the solution to healing racism in the United States and in the world.  Now, this is a massive topic beyond the scope of…

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Consciously Working With Feelings in Times of Upheaval

  “We plan, God laughs.” – Yiddish Proverb A lot of us are at home right now. Many of us have lost jobs. Some of us are ill, recovering from illness, or have loved ones who are ill or at risk.  No one planned for this situation.  Many of us are experiencing fear along with…

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Approaching World Issues with Consciousness

  “Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon These days more than ever, what we thought was going to happen and what actually happens are pretty far apart. The Coronavirus is all over the news, and many of us are experiencing fear, dread, and the possibility of disruption in…

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Using Consciousness to Soothe Despair

  I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to be feeling despair these days, and I’m wondering if you have noticed this too. Strong political divisions. Climate crisis. War. The fear of extinction. I read recently that despair-correlated deaths such as suicide, drug overdose, and alcohol-related deaths have risen to unprecedented levels, especially in young…

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