Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is like waking up to the larger picture.

Sometimes (or even most of the time), we get stuck in what’s right in front of us. We are like hamsters on a wheel, forgetting that we’re not here just to get our to-do list done.

Once we get in touch with the spiritual, the deeper meaning of life, then we are better able to make decisions and live a life that’s more meaningful and fulfilling.

This transformation is the experience of consciousness versus unconsciousness.
From sleepwalking to wakefulness.
From living an unintentional life to an intentional one.

Louise Finlayson PhD.




Hi! I'm Louise Finlayson and I love helping people step out of the monotony that has become their life and awaken (or reawaken) to who they truly are. If you're ready to begin that journey, feel free to explore below the different ways I work with clients.  I look forward to meeting you!

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K.R.  Portland, Maine 

“Louise encourages me to come clean with my own thinking process.  She cares deeply about my greatest good and has helped me find my way to a more fulfilling career, better relationships, and a deeper sense of purpose in my life”

D.N. Toronto, Canada

“Louise’s combination of intelligence, keen observation, and solid caring presence creates and holds a safe environment for personal exploration. Her wit and humor lighten the load.”